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We have created a plan for you to have success. Simple. Know that you are walking in the footsteps of noteworthy women before you. Think of this as your first step.

Our courses are hands-on and pack enough for you to see results. Rich Women University teaches the essential elements of creating an online income. We take away the stress and time-consuming learning curve. Our goal is to offer financial freedom for women.

How to "Pivot and Prosper" - Repurpose your skills to qualify for new higher paying positions
​How to “Pivot and Prosper” – Learn how to repurpose your existing skill set so you can qualify for higher paying jobs or career. This online course is available for a limited time at a special enrollment of only $26. Course is normally $59 to join.
Networking for Powerful Connections
COMING SOON – During this online webinar, you will learn the simple tips and techniques to network for success. The goal is to gather contacts, make a great first impression, and learn how to work the room with pose and purpose. 
Mindset for Living a Life You Love by Design
Fundamentals of How to Start a Business
How to Establish a Positive Credit Rating (FICO Scores)
How to Recover from Blemished Credit History
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt - How to Recognize the Difference
Understand Lending Guidelines before you Apply
Plan on How to Buy and Afford a New Home

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Rich Women University is a group of women dedicated to improving the lives of women. We provide education in leadership, entrepreneurship, and finances. We are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of women everywhere. Simply put, we impact lives, through acts large and small. 

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