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Become A Rich Woman. I motivate individuals to transform their lives by mindfulness & sharing wisdom for self development.

The time is now for us to come together, united as women, using the superpower the internet brings us. Step by step we are here to help you succeed. At Rich Women University, we will show you how to become a rich woman.

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We provide wealth building, financially focused educational resources for minority women at risk of living at or below the poverty income threshold. We take a wholistic approach while filling the knowledge gaps to maximize financial literacy programs.
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Our History

Our 501c3 Organization was originally established in 2004 by Founders Jackie Jackson and Marcia Williams. The previous mission focused on educating young adults and adolescents. After many successful years of providing exceptional value to our youth and their families, the founders invested in a strategic study to determine how the organization could contribute even more value to its community.


The results of the Strategic Study was proud. We discovered that women with children are at the highest risk of living at or below the poverty income threshold both Globally and throughout the United States. This startling discovery prompted the founders to redirect the organization’s mission and vision to support the evolving community of women who have great financial needs.


In 2019, MJ’s Family Center, Inc dba Rich Women University repurposed its mission and vision statements to meet the demand of women struggling financially to support themselves and their families.  


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