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Welcome To Rich Women University

At Rich Women University, we are redefining what it means to be a rich woman in the 21st Century. We want to see all women achieve fortune, prosperity and wealth. Our members also get access to courses, networking, lectures, marketing and more – tools that women can use to level-up.

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I’m Jackie Jackson, CEO, and founder of Rich Women University – a nonprofit organization that is aimed at assisting women on their path to wealth and endless possibility. Additionally, I created an amazing life for myself through real estate and investing in properties with tax liens and tax deeds. You can learn more about my real estate investor programs on my website at www.thejackiejackson.com.

Who We Are

Rich Women University​ comes together, united as women, using the superpower the internet brings us. Step by step we are here to help you succeed

Our Mission

To deliver a transformative education that enriches the lives of women with financial, motivational, and the entrepreneurial skill sets needed to escape poverty

Our Vision
Our vision is to redefine what it means to be a rich woman in the 21st Century through the creation of spiritual, economic, and multi-generational wealth
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We provide wealth building, financially focused educational resources for minority women at risk of living at or below the poverty income threshold.

How to "Pivot and Prosper" - Repurpose your skills to qualify for new higher paying positions
Networking for Powerful Connections
Mindset for Living a Life You Love by Design
How to Start a Business
How to Establish a Positive Credit Rating (FICO Scores)
How to Recover from Blemished Credit History
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt - How to Recognize the Difference
How to Understand Lending Guidelines before you apply
How to Buy and Afford a New Home

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